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We welcome everyone who would like to attend art shows, musical recitals, book presentations, workshops, and lectures to join a Freind's membership of The Pushkin Society Artists Guild. Members will receive a discounted price of 30% off to all events. Seniors will receive a discounted price of 50% off to all events.

Standard membership - $50 

Joint membership - $85

Acting membership - $75 . This membership for artists, writers, musicians and etc. Read more about  below








If you are an emerging or a professional artist who believes in the importance of art and would like to become a member of The Pushkin Society Artists Guild, please see the following:

Acting membership - $75 


Acting membership benefits :


- Participate in workshops and lectures sponsored by The Pushkin Society Artists Guild

- Engage in conversation and fellowship with artists and those who love art

- Free or 50% OFF discounted admission to lectures, music recitals, and other events

- An opportunity to sell artwork through online shop at The Pushkin Society Artists Guild

- Artist receives 70% of all profits on any sold artwork through Artists Guild

- Create personalized class/workshop programs

- Exhibit at the annual group member art show

- Be published in the annual member art catalog


Please download and fill out the acting membership application.  

There is a non-refundable $20 application fee for NEW members only. If you are an artist, please include 6 images of your artwork on CD and mail it to the address provided below. Or, you can attach an application and images of your artwork in the email.  If you are paying by a personal check, please make the check payable to LIAC/The Pushkin Society in America.



Mail it to:

The Pushkin Society Artists Guild

350 E 82nd Street Unite 17A

New York, NY 10028 


Or email it to: